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We provide Dryer Vent Cleaning and Duct Cleaning Services to Vancouver Washington for greatly improved indoor air quality and increased energy efficiency. Services are available in Vancouver Washington and surrounding areas including all of Southwest Washington and the greater Portland Metro area. Contact us today for an easy to understand quote. No gimmicks, unexpected add-ons or “extra sales”, we promise!

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What’s in the air you’re family is breathing?

When we are outside it is difficult to control what we breathe but in many cases the air inside homes is much worse. The good news is indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about with regular Duct Cleaning Services.



Animal Dander


  • The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five health risks.
  • 97% of homes have indoor air quality issues. *
  • Dirty coils and ducts use as much as 30% more energy than clean ones. **

*Air Advice, State of Our Indoor Air Report, 2007.
**McKinsey Quarterly

The Duct Cleaning Vancouver Wa Process – How it works

Our Duct Cleaning process is state-of-the-art with successful results – customer after customer. We deploy advanced cleaning technology using a proven method that simultaneously brushes and vacuums debris. Dirt is brushed loose inside of HVAC ducts and immediately swept up by powerful dual vacuums that are fitted with HEPA filters to make sure your air is free of pollen, animal dander, dust mites and other harmful bacteria. Our Vancouver Washington duct cleaning customers literally go to sleep breathing better!

Portable Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington Provides a Better Quality Service

Many of our competitors like to brag about using powerful truck mounted duct cleaning vacuums. We use portable machines because we know they do a much better job while also providing a better price to our Customers! Large truck mounted vacuum machines must first cut a 10″ access hole into your furnace duct work, then count on their vacuum motor to suck all debris & bacteria’s back through the entire system to the entry suction hole they cut in. Using this type of service, if there is only one area containing active mold in your ducting, their technique will drag those mold spores thru out your entire system. Our machines have a large diameter hose allowing for powerful suction, fitted with a spinning soft bristled brush sized to fit existing entry points at each heating register or grill to individually clean each duct, doing a much more thorough job by putting the powerful vacuum directly in contact with debris. Trust your duct cleaning to modern technology and proven results!

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Trust your duct cleaning to portable machines with proven results!

Beware “$99 whole house Duct Cleaning Vancouver Wa” SCAMSScam Image

We’ve all seen ads flooding the internet: “$99 whole house Duct Cleaning Vancouver Wa“. Why not jump on such a great deal?? We all work hard for our money, and it’s naturally hard to resist what seems like such a “Great Deal”. If you come across a deal that just seems too good to be true, take time to research the company online and on Better Business Bureau’s website. Vents CANNOT be cleaned properly without a spinning brush mechanism to knock loose debris attached to ducting. If a company shows up carrying only a Shop-vac, save your money and send them packing! True duct cleaning requires advanced training and qualified Technicians along with proper modern equipment to do the job right. These “scams” are nothing more than a way for these companies to get inside the door. There are so many horror stories online involving shady contractors, shop-vacs disguised as real duct cleaner machines and VERY costly hidden fees cleverly written in fine print. In fact, average costs of what is advertised as “$99 whole house duct cleaning Vancouver Wa” has been reported to be over $400. Our easy to understand per vent pricing is only slightly higher than advertised “scam” prices, with top tier service done by fully trained Technicians utilizing top of line portable duct cleaner machines. Don’t get taken, do some research first!